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Girls with Gifts Presents The Reach Back Pull Forward Experience

Suicide. Teen pregnancy. Scholastic underachievement. Generational, cyclical poverty and financial dependence. Girls of diverse backgrounds, across various communities, face the risk of these discouraging realities each day. These girls are too often overlooked and underserved. Their passions may be stifled by a lack of resources available to help them achieve their goals. Their potential may be unrealized, due to limited experience and feelings of inadequacy.


Over the last 5 years, the Reach Back, Pull Forward Experience has provided an enriching opportunity for more than 65 selected girls in Flint, Los Angeles and Houston. They have received one-on-one mentorship from GWG Mentors – a high-powered coalition of accomplished women who work in each Mentee’s field of interest. Mentees have been directly exposed to professional arts and entertainment careers through a week-long intensive, aimed to inspire, educate and enable them to reach their highest potential.


This summer, we have something new! We are excited to launch the “Reach Back Pull Forward” Girls Conference!  Similar to the GWG Reach Back, Pull Forward Experience, the conference will be focusing on GWG’s core principles of growing, giving and gifting, but condensed into a two-day conference. The conference will be a power-packed experience designed to empower and encourage teen girls to find and cultivate their gifts. 


The GWG RBPF conference is a FREE two-day conference filled with interactive workshops, applicable activities, in-depth honest discussions, and practical teaching! We will engage girls, ages 12-18, in meaningful dialogue, and connect them to local youth development programs, civic engagement activities, and educational opportunities. We anticipate that this conference will be a platform to help eliminate barriers to success, maximize potential, increase self-awareness and confidence, develop a healthy self-identity, and recognize and appreciate the power of their gifts all while exposing them to the benefits of mentors.


Guest/Industry speakers will facilitate interactive and engaging workshops that tackle current issues, present solutions, and provide tools for successful pathways forward. These young women will be empowered with practical resources to grow them professionally, intellectually, and emotionally all while discovering and cultivating their gifts.  


Girls with Gifts will select up to 50 girls to participate in each conference located in Los Angeles, California; Houston, Texas; and Flint, Michigan.


After successful completion of the conference, 10 girls will be selected to participate in our Mentors Matter Program which will begin in September 2018.


Flint, Michigan

June 15th – June 16th, 2018 9AM-5PM


Los Angeles, California

June 22nd – June 23rd, 2018 9AM- 5PM


Houston, Texas

July 27th – July 28th 9AM – 5PM

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Throughout the RBPF Experience, Girls With Gifts focuses on its core principles of:


All Girls with Gifts are capable of exhibiting strong character through personal development and soft skills strengthening.


All Girls with Gifts desire to Reach Back and Pull Forward in service to others.


All Girls with Gifts are convinced that they play an important role in making the world a better place, by sharing their gifts with society.

The Reach Back Pull Forward intensive invites girls, ages 12-18, to experience:

Strategies for Setting and Achieving Real Life Goals

Planning for success in life begins with having a goal. “If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time!” Girls are encouraged to think about and envision goals for their personal and professional lives. The process teaches how to develop and execute an action plan that allows for twists and turns while always moving toward a goal. Girls leave the experience with a vision and brand for their lives.

Gifting to Others

Girls will learn that their gifts are not just for themselves, but to impact and influence others as well. The community service session provides an opportunity for the girls to give of themselves without asking or receiving anything in return, creating a culture of reaching back and pulling forward. Girls have an opportunity to reflect on the experience and decide what personal service they will continue following during the week-long program.

Safe-Space Sharing

Girls are predominantly relational in communication. Communities, families, and some social norms may not encourage or even allow honest, authentic communication. The experience encourages girls who may feel marginalized or censored to share thoughts and feelings in a safe, positive environment. By sharing, girls may feel more connected to a larger community of people who care, and avoid the self-defeating behaviors easily used to keep uncomfortable thoughts and feeling buried.

Expanding our World

  • During the week, the girls will experience a field excursion to a surprise location that combines both art and culture. The field trip is designed to broaden understanding, and experience life beyond the norm.
  • Exposure to non-traditional career paths such as producing, directing, casting and screenwriting

Good, Better, or Best

Girls learn soft skills designed to complement the hard skills and rigor in their technical courses. Soft skills help build character traits that allow for effective interpersonal relationships with others. Practiced and perfected over time, girls will learn to be empathetic, understanding, active listeners, follow social cues, and troubleshoot and negotiate challenges. Girls also learn how to carry and present themselves well in various social situations.

Access to the Experts

  • Interspersed throughout the week are presentations from industry and topic experts who help translate lessons learned into real-life experiences and answer questions from the girls.
  • Celebrity Appearances

Technical Skills Strengthening

  • Dance and vocal classes
  • Group choreography and performances
  • Recording studio sessions
  • Commercial shoots
  • Shadowing & Professional Role-Play
  • Writing & Drawing
  • Vision Boards

Bring it all Together

  • One week following the end of the experience, the girls come together to present a Grand Finale and Showcase. During the week prior, girls interact with their mentors and work on the production.
  • One selected recipient will be granted a Scholarship to assist in further honing her particular talents and interests.
  • …And more.