Frequently Asked Questions about the RBPF Experience

Is Reach Back, Pull Forward a residential camp?

No, the girls are expected to participate from the beginning to the end of the conference. In previous years, this has been a summer long experience however this year will be a one-day conference.

What follow-up is available?

In addition to the intensive industry-immersion during the RBPF Experience, Mentees also develop lasting friendships with fellow Mentees and continued support from Mentors for a minimum of one year. Graduate Mentees are supported and encouraged to pursue higher education in their respective fields.

Do the girls have to get to the Experience venue on their own?

Yes, parents and/or guardians are responsible for transportation to and from the conference and all other subsequent activities.

How are the girls selected for participation?

Each girl completes an application, criteria for selection is based on Mentee’s demonstration of her passion.

Are meals included?

Yes, snacks and lunches are included with the Experience.